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August 5th, 2015
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Long i
Day 2 Phonics. Objective. The students will identify and sort long i words according to i, i_e, igh, .... end of a short word or syllable, it often says the long i sound.
PDP Spelling Grade 2 TE Lesson 8.pdf

Conjugating Regular Irish Verbs
Below you will find the appropriate endings for the present tense ... vowel (a vowel with a 'fada') and ends with igh, drop igh from the spelling before adding the ...

Sounds of GH, IGH, and IGHT - Reading Horizons
ghost. When gh is at the end of a word and it says /f/, mark a small f above the gh. laugh. When gh is in the combination igh, cross out the g and the h, and mark ...

READING Order of teaching sounds
represent just one sound, e.g. ay as in play, ee as in tree and igh as in high. ... ' sound out' and 'sound blend' words containing the new speed sound they have.

Vowel Patterns - Sound City Reading
Words containing letters which “break the rules” are marked with an asterisk. Be sure to ... For instance, when teaching the pattern igh as in night, read. Hildilid's ...

Letters and sounds: Phase Three
oi coin ee feet ear dear igh night air fair oa boat ure sure oo boot/look er corner ..... Set of word cards (e.g. with words containing sets 6 and 7 letters and Phase.
Letters and Sounds-3.pdf

Phonics ~ useful rules
After a short vowel, words end in 'ss' instead of 's', ff instead of 'f', ll instead of 'l', ... ay ee e ea (words with 1 syllable) y (words with 2 or more syllables) y (ie igh).
phonics useful rules.pdf

Middlewich Primary School Spelling Curriculum
oa, oe, ou, ow, ue. •Vowel digraphs and trigraphs: ie, igh, or, ore, aw, au, air, ear, are. •Words ending in –y e.g. very, happy. •Words with ph and wh e.g. dolphin,.

Letter planet series - Scootle
In an intergalactic city, students observe and listen to words that have the same letter or letter combinations ... opportunities for student to identify words containing specific sounds. • highlighting of ... Letter planet: igh, ear, str. L7856 – Year 2.

ey igh i ea eyi ie ea oa e ee ie ow ayai giant cake dog
Letters and Words for Kindergarten to Third Grade ey igh eigh i ea eyi ie ea oa e ee ie ow ayai ... of the words. We have included at the end of the introduction a.

Scope and Sequence Years 1–6 (Weekly View) - Firefly Education
Adding s, es, ed and ing to words ending in y. • Graphemes ... igh i ie. Patterns: ind, ite, ight. Extra grapheme: buy. Adding ing, Adding s or es, Rhyming,.

English-Language Spelling Pattern Generalizations - TPRI
This spelling is used in rare cases at the ends of words following /ă/ spelled a. g .... followed by a consonant sound. It cannot be used at the end of a syllable. igh.
English Language Spelling Pattern Tool.pdf

Spellodrome word lists and the 2014 National - 3P Learning
The Reception programme includes words containing grapheme-phoneme .... igh high, night, light, bright, right. List 29 or for, short, born, horse, morning. List 30 .

Assessment and Remediation Guide - EngageNY
CVCC and CCVC Consonant Digraphs Word Lists . . . . . . . . 215. CVCC with ..... V-D: Spelling Alternatives 'i', 'igh', and 'y' > /ie/. Word Lists . .... In addition, assessments are provided at the end of each section of this. Guide. You may use these ...

igh(t) - Carl's Corner
-ight Word Family List blight ... Read the following sentences, saying the word “ fight” ... Directions to teacher/parent: Students circle each picture that ends with.
Toons ight.pdf

Spellings (Year 5)
Nov 9, 2015 ... when adding ful to a root word ending y, change y to i). Week Beg: 04/01/16. (fer + suffixes – adding suffix to words ending .... 5. find (igh sound).

the orton-gillingham classroom mainstream elementary - M-SPEC
They include: all, alk, old, olt, oll, ost, olk, ild, ind, and igh. The teacher should be .... You can place different root/suffix words on the board each day. They can be ...

Letters and Sounds Phase One Overview - Wood End Park Academy
Practise reading and spelling high-frequency words. Practise reading and writing captions and sentences. Practise alien words containing ai, ee, igh and oa be.
Phonics and Spelling Overview 2016-17.pdf

Phonics - Wood End Park Academy
combination of two or three letters. Children then read and spell words containing these letters. E.g. sh as in ship ai as in rain igh as in light ear as in near ...
Phonics guide for parents.pdf

spelling rules - Brookes Publishing Co.
vocabulary containing most of the words used by educated speakers and writ- ... igh. 6 sigh. /o¯/ o. 87 hope, hobo oa. 5 boat ow. 5 low. /oo¯/ u. 90 tune, mute ...

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