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May 28th, 2017
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Histopath guidance part 4 - OECD.org
In the adult female rat, the mammary glands are made up of scattered tubular ... The overall structure of the female gland is described as “tubuloalveolar”.

The development of the glands of the common bile duct
Oct 19, 1978 ... the presence of tubulo-alveolar glands in the wall of the common bile duct, ... density of these glands as a function of age and size of the duct.

[1] the glands of the bile and pancreatic ducts - NCBI
mentions the presence of tubulo-alveolar glands, which Garven (1957) states are not mucus-secreting, while Mann (1932) subscribes to the presence of glands ...

The Harderian glands of the domestic fowl - NCBI
Apr 26, 1972 ... Harderian glands were taken from healthy fowls of a lightweight laying strain ... The lumina of this compound tubulo-alveolar gland are lined by ...

Epithelium and glands
EPITHELIUM AND. GLANDS. Dr. Larry Johnson. 052 ... Identify the different types of sweat glands and distinguish the duct from the .... TUBULOALVEOLAR.
2.Medical school histology Epithelium and glands.pdf

Human prostate specific and shared differentiation antigens defined
The prostate gland consists ofa fibromuscular stroma enclosing tubuloalveolar glands which empty their secretions into the posterior urethra. The prostrate ...

Full Text (PDF) - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
The prostate is a tubuloalveolar gland that contains a simple, slowly renewing epithelium composed of three cell types (3). Secretory (luminal) cells predominate.

Innervation of human nasal glands - Springer Link
The innervation of human nasal glands was investigated with the electron ... It was found that the tubuloalveolar glands possessed myoepkhetial cells which ...

Male Accessory Sex Gland.pdf
Male accessory sex glands include the seminal vesicles, prostate, and ... tubuloalveolar glands from which 20 or more ducts drain independently into the ...
Male Accessory Sex Gland.pdf?sequence=1

Benign Mimics of Prostate carcinoma
Periurethral glands located below the prostatic apex in urogenital diaphragm. * Architecture: • Lobular pattern ( small, compact tubuloalveolar glands).

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia - Arbeitskreis Benignes Prostatasyndrom
tubuloalveolar glands. Based on the configuration of these glands and the morphology of the glandular cells, the prostate can be divided into four zones: the  ...

Histomorphological Studies on the Prostate Gland of Donkey Equus
Jul 7, 2013 ... Each prostatic lobe was made up of compound tubuloalveolar glands and duct system. The secretory end pieces were lined with principal ...

The Serous Demilune of Rat Sublingual Gland Is an - J-Stage
ture, in perfect condition, and demonstrated the termi- nal portion of the sublingual gland to be a compound branched tubulo-alveolar gland with serous cells dis-.

Anatomical, histological and histochemical observations and
Compound tubulo-alveolar glands. Castrated. Poll glands. Abstract. This study deals with the anatomical, histological and histochemical observations and the ...

Spermathecal cytology of Ambystoma opacum (Amphibia
oviposited eggs. The simple tubuloalveolar glands produce two types of secre- tory vacuoles. Apical secretory vacuoles contain glycosaminoglycans for export.

Sperm storage in Spermathecae of the great lamper eel, Amphiuma
tubuloalveolar glands in the dorsal wall of the cloaca. Six of the ten specimens were vitellogenic, and all of these specimens contained sperm in their sperma-.
Sever 1996 Amphiuma.pdf

Histology of the Harderian Gland of Domestic Geese (Anser anser
Harderian gland, domestic geese, histological, histochemical. The Harderian gland (HG, paraorbital) is a tubulo-alveolar gland located within the orbit.

macroscopic and microscopic study of the mandibular salivary gland
It was mixed tubulo-alveolar gland and consisted to numerous lobes and lobules ... three pairs of salivary glands in goat e.g., parotid, mandibular and sublingual ...

ducts of the periurethral prostatic glands and that they formed a distinct ... glands showed marked hyperplasia. The .... compound tubuloalveolar gland, contains.

A Comparative Study of the Harderian Gland in the - Histology
Jun 1, 2009 ... Background: The Harderian gland (HG) is a large retrobulbar, tubuloalveolar organ. It is present in many animals possessing a nictitating ...

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