Chemistry from the Ground Up

February 21st, 2012
Chemistry from the Ground Up

Chemistry from the Ground Up - David NG

Relase Date: February 21, 2012
Publisher: Vertical Learning Labs
Category: Chemistry


This textbook covers chemistry topics typically found in a middle school science curriculum. However, it does so by grounding those topics in a deep, fundamental understanding of particles and motion. It is intended for students who enjoy grappling with scientific concepts and constantly asking themselves: why? Chapter 1: Particle Theory of Matter • Conservation of Matter • States of Matter • Misconceptions About Temperature and State • Molecular Attraction • Molecular Speed Distribution • The Liquid State • Evaporation • Condensation • Dynamic Systems and Equilibrium Chapter 2: Properties of Matter • Mass and Measurement • Measuring Volume • The Volume of Water and Alcohol • Density and Pure Substances • Temperature, Heat Transfer, and Thermal Equilibrium • Intermolecular Forces and Potential Energy • Boiling and the Heat of Vaporization • Thermodynamics of Phase Transitions • Characteristic Properties of Pure Substances Chapter 3: Atoms and Molecules • Subatomic Particles and Atomic Structure • Using the Periodic Table to Diagram Atoms • Energy, Stability, and Probability • Valence Electrons and Chemical Properties • Forming Chemical Bonds • Molecules and Compounds • Chemical Reactions • Physical and Chemical Change • Catalysts and Basics of Biochemistry Chapter 4: Solubility • Mixtures and Compounds • Solutions and Measures of Solubility • Factors Affecting Solubility • Solubility of Polar and Nonpolar Molecules • Colloids, Soaps, and Surfactants • Acid-Base Equilibrium • Cell Membranes and More Basics of Biochemistry

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