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April 23rd, 2017
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Parameters for polarization gradients in three-dimensional
provide measures of the polarization gradients on straight line trajectories in three-dimensional standing waves and the implications for laser cooling are ...

Electromagnetic Waves - MIT OpenCourseWare
Sep 5, 2011 ... polarization, and could be superimposed in any combination to yield a .... standing wave, as illustrated in Figures 7.2.3 for VSWR and 7.4.1 for ...

Polarization of photon echo produced by standing-wave pulses
first time ever, the polarization of coherent radiation in the form of a photon echo produced by pulses of standing waves whose polarization planes make an.

8. Electromagnetic waves
carry both.1 In Section 8.6 we discuss polarization, which deals with the ..... waves, although we can form combinations of them to produce standing waves.

Laser cooling below the Doppler limit by polarization - ENS-phys
based on laser polarization gradients and work at low laser power when the optical-pumping time ... length X = llk, which in a standing wave is the characteristic.

Comparison of Linear and Circular Polarization for - ScienceDirect
regions of decreased intensity. These artifacts are shown to arise from dielectric standing wave effects and eddy currents. The effects become more severe as ...

Reflection and Refraction of Plane Waves.pdf
duction currents in the object (if the object is metallic), or polarization currents (if the .... a semi-infinite region to the left of the sheet with the standing wave, and a ...
Chapter 22 - Reflection and Refraction of Plane Waves.pdf

Electronic Normal Modes and Polarization Waves in Translational
sinusoidal standing waves of electronic polarization with either even or odd ... of the lattice sums at low wavenumber k of the polarization wave, the dipole and ...

Template Metamaterials 2015 - ePrints Soton - University of
Abstract – We demonstrate experimentally that standing waves of polarization, as opposed to intensity, can be engaged to coherently control light-matter ...

Experimental revealing of polarization waves - OSA Publishing
Stationary and traveling waves of the states of optical polarization are considered in the framework of. Jones vector formalism. The feasibility of revealing these ...

Plane Waves and Wave Propagation - LSU Physics
Nov 9, 2001 ... Fig.1: A point of stationary phase moves with velocity |v| = ω/k. 1.2 Conditions .... Such a wave is said to be elliptically polarized, the term.

Light-matter Interactions in a Polarization Standing Wave
We report on the application of polarization standing waves (PSW) to the coherent control of light-matter interactions in planar photonic nanostructures.

Relations between polarization and the structure of ULF waves in
Jul 1, 1984 ... structure of standing waves along the ambient magnetic field and to propagate across the ... polarization more appropriate to the Alfv6n mode.

Electromagnetic Waves
Problem 9.2 Show that the standing wave f (z, t) z A sin(kz) cos(kvt) satisfies the wave ..... The polarization vector 13 defines the plane of vibration.2 Because the  ...

Standing Waves
and a negative-helicity circular polarized standing wave. You should find that the nodes of one standing wave corresponds to the anti nodes of the other.

Polarization-dependent ponderomotive gradient force in a standing
motion in a standing wave obtained earlier [A. E. Kaplan and A. L. Pokrovsky, ... Keywords: ponderomotive force, standing wave, polarization, Kapitza-Dirac ...

Polarization properties of standing shear Alfvén waves in non
Mar 29, 2007 ... Polarization properties of standing shear Alfvén waves in non-axisymmetric background magnetic fields. K. Kabin, R. Rankin, I. R. Mann, A. W. ...

Physics of the microwave oven
operation of the magnetrons, waveguides and standing waves in resonant cavities. .... the cooking chamber the degree of polarization decreases. The cooking ...

Chiral mirrors - Nanophotonics & Metamaterials
Jun 1, 2015 ... without change, the handedness of circularly polarized waves is reversed upon reflection. .... The modes themselves are standing wave pat-.

Far-infrared absorber based on standing-wave - OSA Publishing
polarization and incident angle. The results are well explained in terms of standing-wave resonances within individual metal-dielectric-metal cavities.

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