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July 29th, 2015
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Reasons for the use of clonal avocado rootstocks around the world
Reasons for the use of clonal avocado rootstocks around the world. ... In the past, some of the most limiting factors relating to successful avocado production ...

Reasons for the use of clonal avocado rootstocks around the world
Sep 9, 2011 ... Reasons for the use of clonal avocado rootstocks around the world. ... Proceedings VII World Avocado Congress 2011 (Actas VII Congreso ...

Ch. 4 Avocado Rootstocks - UC Cooperative Extension
The third race, the West Indian, has not been used due to concerns that they would not .... Dusa is now the top-selling clonal avocado rootstock in California.

Avocado Rootstocks - Soilzone
D. Propagation of Avocado Trees Grafted on Seedling and on Clonal ... But for some reason, avocado rootstock research developed very slowly and became a ... cuttings from two seedling trees of P. nubigena were used as rootstock under root rot .... industry is one of the leaders in world production, and it is in first place in ...
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Clonal avocado rootstocks were developed In Israel on a small scale between the years 1962to 1977 and on ... problems caused by stress factors such as salinity, lime, poor aeratlon and root-rot, and various comblnations of these .... These criteria were.used for the .... around the world believe (Wolstenholme, 1988) that the.

Avocado rootstock-scion relationships
Recently, clonal rootstocks have been taking the place of ... Among the soil factors, salinity, alkalinity, lime, and high soil temperature are found in ... Around the world, very little research has been done on avocado rootstocks and sources of ...

Avocado growing - NSW Department of Primary Industries
The world production of avocados is approximately. 2.3 million tonnes ... Avocados are also used in .... rootstock. Trials are currently under way to evaluate clonal production of trees. ... to March) can cause trees to become biennial bearers.

Avocado layout prelims - World Agroforestry Centre
May 19, 2005 ... Some characteristics of Kenya-grown avocado cultivars . ..... today enjoyed around the world by people from all walks of life. .... although they can be used as a rootstock. ... (clonal or seedling) have not proved to significantly affect fruit ... significant advantages, including: greater resistance to salinity and ...

Screening of avocado rootstock material for tolerance to
4.1.4. Conclusion. 79. 4.2. Screening of clonal avocado selections for tolerance to Phytophthora cinnamomi ... practices, judicious use of fungicides and resistant rootstocks. The Avocado ... For this reason, and the large financial impact that avocado root rot has on the ..... various trials conducted around the world: • Grafting ...

clonal 'Duke 7', 'Nabal', 'Degania 117','Mexicola', and 'Zutano' seedlings. One year-old ... Five different rootstocks were used: one Guatemalan. (Nabal), one ...

Field assessment of avocado rootstock selections for resistance to
The use of Phytophthora cinnamomi (Pc) resistant rootstocks has become an ... SHSR-04‟, ungrafted „Hass‟ (rooted cuttings from clonal propagation) and ... of this work are available in Smith et al, 2011, and for copyright reasons, will not be ... under high disease pressure, for example at the Duranbah, NSW site (Plate 1),  ...
Luke Smith 1420-1440.pdf

Dwarfing Rootstocks - Virtual Orchard
Originally, all of the rootstocks used were raised from seeds ... ate fruit species ( e.g., avocados, mangoes) rec- ognizing ... of pears than when seedling or clonal Pyrus communis .... pear trees, also has come under fire in recent .... world. In the present political climate, the cause of the decline in apple profitability, primarily.

A History of Grafting - Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Stock is synonymous with either rootstock or under stock, but the latter two ... Broadly speaking, interclonal/intraspecific grafts are nearly always ... to the present day, the principal use of grafting has been for ..... graft transmission to be the major reason that many DED control ... The viroid ASVBd, causal agent of avocado.

Industry challenges - Avoco
The democratic pathway around these decisions effectively ... have every reason to be positive about the ..... The World Avocado Congress is taking place in the capital city, Lima .... opting to replace their trees with clonal rootstock. In the Bay of ...

PDF Print - APS Journals - American Phytopathological Society
we used amplified fragment length polymorphism based on 22 poly- morphic loci and ... Phytophthora cinnamomi Rand is a globally distributed soil- borne pathogen that can ... that the pathogen population structure is predominately clonal. (10). ... release of avocado rootstocks that are actively being developed for tolerance ...

Evaluation of rootstock and 'Hayward'scion effects on field
field performance in yield and fruit sizing across eight root systems in two ... been widely used as rootstocks for kiwifruit in New. Zealand, and ... also grafted on the seven clonal rootstocks and on. 'Bruno' seedlings. ... 91 season were not interpreted for this reason. ..... Second World Avocado Congress: 521-626. Crane , J. C. ...

Huge Successes Achieved at Avocado Brainstorming 2015 & World
but with the World Avocado Con- gress scheduled for ... for avocados. True TC involves taking any cell in ... Significant advances in under- standing the ... causes phytophthora to be patho- genic. ... ing clonal rootstocks, including re- searchers ...

Ploetz et al. Recovery Plan for Laurel wilt of Avocado - USDA ARS
control measures were used, the disease spread rapidly resulting in lost ... epidemiology of laurel wilt in avocado orchards and surrounding areas. ... investigated with different clonal rootstocks, as the selection and development of resistant and .... A primary reason this beetle is known to interact with healthy trees is that.
USDA Avocado Laurel Wilt Recovery Plan R3.pdf

'Hass' Avocado - ACIAR
To test the effects of locality and/or cultural practices on 'Hass' avocado quality, fruit were harvested from orchards in ... selection and use of clonal rootstocks. Under Australian conditions, this is likely to produce better gains in ... understanding of the effects of production factors and ..... World Avocado Congress 1II (Con-.

Denis Roe's Publications - subtropical fruit farm consultancy services
Local and imported avocado rootstocks in South Africa .Proceedings of. The World Avocado Congress III, Tel Aviv, Israel. 1995. ... Performance of commercially grown 'Hass' avocado on clonal rootstocks at ... Roe, D. J. , Oosthuizen, J. H. , Menzel, C. M. Results from potted litchis under drought not necessarily applicable to.

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