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September 23rd, 2015
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All About the Gas Giants - Lunar and Planetary Institute
All About the Gas Giants. The four gas giants in our solar system are Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and ... A gas giant is a GIANT planet that is made of gas! They are ...

Comets vs. Asteroids Fact Sheet - Solar System Exploration - NASA
made of dust, ice, and - alº rocks left over after the -. Sun, the planets, and the ... EPOXI took pictures of Comet Hartley 2 as jets of gas erupted from its surface.

the outer planets: gas giants - Discovery Education
junction with this program, THE OUTER PLANETS: GAS .... The rings are made of dust and ice, ..... pheres, made of gas, far from the sun, cold on the outside.

1 Terrestrial planets are planets made up of rocks or metals with a
Terrestrial planets are planets made up of rocks or ... allowing them to combine into gas ... Earth, like the other terrestrial planets, probably collected the more.

6. Gas Giants & Water Worlds
very common, forming planets about 10 times the mass of Earth. 2. These planets attracted nearby gas, building up giant planets composed mostly of H and He.

Make a planet today – a solar system tomorrow!
today – a solar system tomorrow! what would it be made of? what would be on the surface? Gas planets (low density). 1 Cut off the neck of the balloon and then.

The Inner Planets - Super Teacher Worksheets
terrestrial planets have a core of iron and rock. ... planets. Unlike the rest of the Inner Solar System, the Asteroid Belt isn't a planet at all. ... clue: made of gas. 4.

formed from cloud of hydrogen gas and dust, 5 billion years ago. * holds 99.85% of the ... Jupiter -- * largest planet, made of gas with icy core. * orbits 12 years ...

The Solar System and its Planets
What are the characteriskcs of terrestrial and gas giant planets? Terrestrial planets. Gas giant (Jovian) planets. -‐Are made of solids like rocks, metal.

The Jovian Planets
Mostly H and He gas. — these are the most ... to be made of rock, metals, and hydrogen ... Models suggest that cores of jovian planets have similar composition .

The Jovian Planets - Amazing Space - Space Telescope Science
methane gas in the atmosphere gives the planet its blue-green color. The clouds in ... Camera 3. The images of Saturn and Uranus were made with the Wide.

Chapter 6 Formation of Planetary Systems Our Solar System and
Made mostly of H/He gas (plasma) ... Made of metal and rock; large iron core ... interesting as planets themselves, especially. Jupiter's four. Galilean moons.

2. Giants of Gas and Ice - Springer
drawing of Jupiter made in 1859, became unusually prominent in1878 and is ..... Thanks to this powerful planetary magnetosphere, the gases orig- inating from ...

Formation of Giant Planets - Caltech GPS
toplanetary disks provide constraints on the formation of gas giant planets. The four ... Saturn, are composed predominantly of hydrogen and he- lium; these two  ...

ASTRO 102/104 Practice Exam #3
C) size most similar to terrestrial planets; distance more similar to jovian planets ... A) Different layers represent clouds made of gases that condense at different ...

Solar System Read and React - Exploring Nature
Saturn has rings made of dusty ice chunks that orbit the planet. Saturn's ... Neptune is the furthest planet from the sun and the fourth of the gas giants. Neptune is ...

Trading Cards
Earth's atmosphere is made of 77 percent nitrogen and 21 percent ... planet that has liquid water on its surface. ... planet is a ball of liquid surrounded by gas.

Very high-density planets: a possible remnant of gas giants
the naked cores of gas giants that would have lost ... carbon-rich planets, in addition to cold planets made primarily of iron, silicates and water. Grasset et al.

Scenarios of giant planet formation and evolution and their impact
of gas. They realized that, when the two planets are on orbits with a large ..... super-Earth is rocky, whereas the hot Neptune should be made of rock and ice with ...

Planet Characteristics - Beacon Learning Center
(planet made of). Mostly rock and metal. Mostly rock and metal. Mostly rock and metal. Mostly rock and metal. Gases: mostly hydrogen and helium. Gases: mostly.

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