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April 8th, 2016
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Your Kidney Test Results - National Institute of Diabetes and
High blood pressure makes the heart work harder and can ... BUN checks how much urea, a waste product, is in ... High levels may cause soft bones, hard blood  ...

understanding your lab tests - Torrance Memorial Physician Network
It is usually ordered to detect high levels (hyperglycemia) and low levels ... BUN ( Blood Urea Nitrogen) is produced in the liver and carried to the kidneys where it ...

Lab Result Guide
especially with high BUN levels, may indicate problems with kidneys. ... numerous causes of high and low sodium levels, but the most common causes.

Understanding your MULTIPLE MYELOMA LAB TESTS - Velcade
breaks down. BUN levels must be carefully monitored in multiple myeloma patients since too much urea nitrogen in their blood puts them at an increased risk for ...

Guide to Common Laboratory Tests for Eating - Maudsley Parents
magnersium; vitamin D deficiency; high phosphorus level. If Albumin level is ... BUN. Kidney function. 7 ‐ 20 mg/dL. Dehydration. Malnutrition; overhydration.

Renal Function Tests Purpose - RN.org
entire body; however, there are a number of tests that are specifically utilized as renal function .... o Increased BUN and creatinine with 20:1 BUN/creatinine ratio.

Blood Test Results: CMP Explained
Definition: Measures kidney and liver function, electrolyte levels. Substance ... What a High Number May Mean. USA ... BUN (blood urea nitrogen). A waste ...

Understanding your pet's diagnostic testing - Animal Medical Center
as noted with BUN, but is not affected by a recent high protein diet; decreases .... RETIC (reticulocytes)—increases indicate growing numbers of immature RBCs, ...

Critical Values - cloudfront.net
High Limit. Hematocrit. <18.0%. >78.0%. Hemoglobin. <7.0 g/dL. >25 g/dL ... *** When calling critical BUN or Creatinine, always give doctor both results .... provide physician with outpatient's telephone number which can be obtained from HIS.

Uremic levels of BUN do not cause nitric oxide - CiteSeerX
tion, high BUN had no impact on renal cortical L-arginine concentration, density of either endothelial NOS or neuronal. NOS protein, or renal cortical NOS activity  ...

Glucose (Blood Sugar) - Entira Family Clinics
This is a measure of the sugar level in your blood. ... suggests your thyroid is underactive, and a low level ... high BUN levels, may indicate problems with the.
Understanding Your Test Results Brochure.pdf

Understanding Your Pets Blood Work
BUN (blood urea nitrogen) indicates kidney function. AN increased blood level is called azotemia and can be caused by kidney, liver, and heart disease, urethral ...

EXPLANATION OF TESTS Glucose - Powell Valley Healthcare
and when your kidneys are not functioning properly, the level of BUN in your blood ... protein diet, blood loss and dehydration can also cause a high BUN level.

Susan Garlinghouse, MS; Barney Fleming, DVM The basic - Quia
High---even very high---enzyme levels after a long ride are not necessarily .... both BUN and creatinine, and increased levels of albumin and total protein would .

opti-chem panel overview - Professional Co-op
BUN is a byproduct of protein metabolism and is produced in the liver. ... Blood levels are indicative of the kidney's ability to excrete and increased values.
1 Basic Seminar on Blood Chemistry.pdf

Uremic levels of BUN do not cause nitric oxide deficiency in rats with
BUN did not lead to vasoconstriction or NO deficiency in rats with normal renal function. Further studies are needed to evaluate the effect of high BUN on the NO  ...

Know your KIDNEY numbers
Knowing what the numbers on your blood and urine test results mean will help you ... When the blood pressure is too high it can damage your artery walls and ...

Effects Of Exercise On Laboratory Test Results
laboratorymedicine> october 2003> number 10> volume 34. 736. © ... BUN, creatinine, uric acid, ALT, AST and direct bilirubin remained elevated 24 hours after.

Download and print the explanation of blood tests offered
the number of red cells per cubic millimeter of blood. ... BUN is also affected by high protein diets and/or strenuous exercise, which raise levels and by ...
Explaination of blood tests 2015.pdf

A Guide to Understanding Your Laboratory Tests - Bozeman Health
Findings of elevated PSA are useful in early detection of prostate .... infection can all result in high BUN levels. Creatinine. Creatinine is another waste product.

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