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May 12th, 2016
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Common Cloud Names, Shapes, and Altitudes:
Cirrocumulus intortus, radiatus, vertebratus, duplicatus fibratus uncinus spissatus castellanus floccus. Cirrus. (none). (none). Nimbostratus. (extend through 1+ ...

Cloud Classifications and Characteristics
high clouds are cirrus, cirrostratus, and cirrocumulus. Cirrus clouds are ... Altostratus clouds are “strato” type clouds (see below) that possess a flat and uniform.

A Compare and Contrast Book - Arbordale Publishing
through vibrant photographs. It's so much more than a picture book . . . this .... There are four major categories of clouds: cirrus, cumulus, stratus, and nimbus.

The Kiwi Kids Cloud Identification Guide - NASA S'cool
Cloud Classification. 2. How Clouds are formed. 3. The Water Cycle. 4. Cumulus Altitudes. 5. Stratus Altitudes. 6. Precipitating Cloud Altitudes. 7. Cirrus Cloud ...

Clouds, Clouds, Everywhere
cloud pictures: Cirrus, Cumulus, Stratus. - Cloudette by Tom Lichteneld. For Cloud Chart Activity (replace after every presentation):. - glue (1 bottle per volunteer).

Chapter 2 Cloud type identification by satellites - RAMMB
clouds), Cm (middle level clouds), St (stratus/fog), Cb (cumulonimbus), Cg .... streak), featherlike cloud blowing out of Cb (anvil cirrus), and a small cloud line ... In the visible image, a low level cloud that underlies the Ci is seen through.

Weather Lesson 1 Clouds - Exploration Works
Clouds. • Nimbo. • Alto. • Stratus. • Cumulus. • Cirrus. • See Lesson. Detailed Plan ... For Activity 1 and 2, use the website for images of the different cloud types: ...

Fluffy Cloud Walk
sky. Students will match the cloud pictures with the cloud group: cumulus, cirrus, stratus. Materials Used: Pictures of three types of clouds: cirrus, stratus, cumulus.
Fluffy Cloud Walk.pdf

Cloud Types - Arctic Climate Modeling Program
Clouds can be categorized into three basic types: cirrus, cumulus, and stratus. ... load and print cirrus, cumulus, and stratus cloud pictures for the lesson. 2.

(4) Clouds & Thunderstorms.pptx - Mesonet
Cloud Types—Stratus, Cumulus, Cirrus. ☼ Stratus. ☼ Low-lying clouds that are wider than they are tall; they often cover a large portion of the sky. ☼ Includes:.

Cloud types & rain bearing clouds - nptel
based on their heights of troposphere: • High level clouds (altitudes of 5-13 km), Cirrus,. Cirrostratus, Cirrocumulus. • medium level clouds (2-7 km), Altostratus,.
Week-4_02-Cloud types _ rain bearing clouds.pdf

Luke's Latin Labels for Clouds Poetry to Explain Precipitation
He classified clouds using cirrus, cumulus and stratus as the main categories. Translations for these Latin roots and others used in cloud classification are listed ... the definitions provided here, draw pictures of seven of these cloud types on a.

Ground-based Vision Cloud Image Classification - Bentham Open
Jul 29, 2015 ... Ground-based Vision Cloud Image Classification based on Extreme ... conditions (cirrus, cumulus, stratus and clear sky) by means of extracting ...

Clouds poster 9e - MetService
Ci Cirrus Ac Altocumulus St Stratus ... This cloud is often the first sign Whitish veil- like high cloud made of ice ... The low cloud in this photo is Sc. beneath it.

Cirrus Ci Cirrostratus Cs Cirrocumulus Cc Altocumulus Ac
Cirrus (Ci) hair-like or ... Cirrus. Ci. Whitish veil-like high cloud made of ice crystals. It is usually translucent and ... The low cloud in this photo is Sc. Altostratus ... Stratus. St. Grey or whitish layer cloud, often with a lumpy looking base. Sc can be ...

Satellite Weather And Climate (SWAC) Initial - University of Vermont
clouds. ➢ In this satellite image, cumulus clouds from the lake breeze are enhanced by orographic effects of tug hill ... In IR image, Cirrus (high and cold) are white ... Altostratus clouds giving way to Light snow on backside of storm system Feb ...

Types of Clouds - UNT Geography
Types of Clouds. Cirrus – high clouds composed of ice crystals. St t. l d th t ti. (thi ) l. Stratus – clouds that are a continuous (thin) layer. Cumulus – clouds that ...

Automatic cloud classification of whole sky images - Atmos. Meas
May 6, 2010 ... Seven different sky condi- tions are distinguished: high thin clouds (cirrus and cirro- stratus), high patched cumuliform clouds (cirrocumulus and.

Name that Cloud - Virginia Department of Education
Pictures of cloud types from the Internet or magazines. • Cotton balls ... cirrus clouds, stratus clouds, cumulus clouds, cumulonimbus clouds. Student/Teacher ...

Types of Clouds - Super Teacher Worksheets
When you look up in the sky, you realize that no two clouds look exactly alike. .... stratus. 6. What are cirrus, cirrostratus, and cirrocumulus clouds made of?

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