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May 20th, 2015
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Alternative splicing in single cells dissected from complex tissues
For PPT-. A, the results indicate that alternative post-transcriptional splicing determines the ..... (c) RT–PCR of single neurones using primers that allow.

Human–mouse comparative analysis reveals that - CiteSeerX
Apr 27, 2005 ... alternative splicing, and it also controls the inclusion/skipping ratio in alternative splicing. This suggests a role for .... several attempts to define the set of rules that will allow for ... Methods for PPT definition algorithm). For each ...

Identify Alternative Splicing Events Based on - Semantic Scholar
Jul 30, 2008 ... transcriptome with consideration of alternative splicing. Here, we introduce a ..... annotation data instead. This allows the hypothesis that human genome ... divisibility by 3'', and. 2.4 for PPT intensity (not shown in the figure).

Human–mouse comparative analysis reveals that branch - Gil Ast
Apr 27, 2005 ... alternative splicing, and it also controls the inclusion/skipping ratio in alternative splicing. This suggests .... Methods for PPT definition algorithm). For each BS, we ... Therefore, we searched the introns again, this time allowing.

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Mar 2, 2010 ... is a key alternative splicing factor involved in exon repression. It has been .... size and plateau for PPT-15 and higher, indicating that PTB34.

Proteins binding to the leader of the 6.0 kb mRNA of human - NCBI
spliced to the coding exons. The mRNA ... due to alternative polyadenylation in the last exon (exon 9). All ..... variants of this protein exist because of alternative splicing, causing a ... indicating a much lower affinity of the 57 kDa protein for PPT than for ... available amount of a-PTB antibody did not allow us to perform. PPT-.

Highly conserved motifs in non-coding regions of Sirevirus
Feb 4, 2010 ... Background. Retrotransposons are key players in the evolution of eukaryotic genomes. Moreover, it is now known that some retrotransposon ...

Basal Splicing Factors Regulate the Stability of Mature mRNAs in
Sep 4, 2012 ... trans-splicing and a role for the splicing factors in mRNA stability. Conclusion: Basal splicing ... Together, these studies identified alternative pro- cessing of transcripts at ..... For PPT length, the PPT was calcu- lated from the ...

RNA structure replaces the need for U2AF2 in splicing
Nov 13, 2015 ... bringing an alternate version of exon 6 to splice to exon 5. (Celotto and ..... Applying a scoring algorithm for PPT sug- ..... To allow fair com-.

Skeletal muscle VEGF gradients in peripheral arterial disease
Sep 21, 2007 ... An alternative proangiogenic therapy is ... Five main splice variant proteins are produced from the VEGF-A gene, ... but only VEGF164 contains a domain that allows it to bind to ..... For PPT during exercise, although gradients.

Identification of Coilin Mutants in a Screen for Enhanced - Genetics
Jun 17, 2016 ... Key words: alternative splicing, Arabidopsis thaliana, Cajal body, coilin, stress ..... F2 seedlings were selected for PPT resistance (contributed ...

Plants grow with a little help from their organelle friends - UGent
Nov 4, 2016 ... up-regulated during development, not allowing a comprehen- sive GO analysis ..... such as splicing and editing, i.e. the conversion of a spe- cific RNA .... 2014). A distinct role for PPT has been suggested in shoot and root ... plant-specific alternative oxidase pathway, transferring elec- trons directly to O2 as ...

Probing Retroviral and Retrotransposon Genome Structures: The
Mar 13, 2012 ... junction [38–42], the structural basis for PPT primer recog- nition remains .... protein synthesis, and splicing via a conformational change mediated by ... regions were metastable, allowing them to adopt alternative structures ...

Nuclear Factor-KB Accounts for the Repressor Effects of High
Apr 4, 2007 ... Through the process of alternative splicing, SDF-1 is expressed as two variants: SDF-1a and SDF-. 1h (3). .... activity observed at 100 ng/mL SDF-1a for PPT-I/1.2 (Fig. 2B). ..... pCMV-InBa allows for activation of NF-nB,.

Bone Marrow Stroma Influences Transforming - Cancer Research
PPT-I produces multiple peptides through alternate splicing and ... would provide insight into mechanisms that allow BCCs to become part of the ..... were artifacts of manipulation, we analyzed the cells for PPT-I mRNA by in situ hybridization ...

Fine-grained annotation and classification of de novo - CiteSeerX
Sep 28, 2009 ... genomes, e.g. on gene expression, alternative splicing and implications in diseases .... poson candidate, computational models for PPT, PBS and protein ..... allowing for slight LTR position inaccuracies. The median length ...

Effect of Hypoxia on the Hematopoietic and Immune Modulator
All stromal cultures were then studied for PPT-I, NK-1, and NK-2 induction under the .... antagonist (CP-96,345-1), thereby allowing signals to be mediated by NK- 2. .... With regard to the alternate splicing of SP and NK-A, I could speculate that,  ...

Fine-grained annotation and classification of de novo predicted LTR
Sep 28, 2009 ... ... alternative splicing and implications in diseases were described in the last .... computational models for PPT, PBS and protein domains, including their ..... This naming scheme allows the user to keep the output from several ...

Functional biology of the neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses - CiteSeerX
protein is a substrate for PPT, as they are not S-acylated. In addition, saposin D .... Existence of the splice variants and the possible CLN3-like protein could both influence ..... produced due to usage of alternative initiator methionine codons. [ 147]. ... molecular changes in these affected mice may allow the iden- tification of  ...

Specific Recognition and Cleavage of the Plus-Strand Primer by
Jun 3, 2005 ... critical because it degrades RNA templates, allowing strong- ... quired specifically for PPT removal. ... An alternative version ... (B) The expression of Tf1-neoAI and the splicing of the artificial intron resulted in cDNA with an ...

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