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Review: The Archived


The Archived wasn’t something that I was sure I would enjoy. It sounded confusing and very involved. However, because so many other bloggers had been raving about it, I decided to give it a shot. It wasn’t for me. Definitely not. The Archived had everything that usually makes for a great book: interesting characters, romance, unique story line. While it sounded promising, I’m not convinced that it delivered.

The plot was the biggest problem for me. What’s hard about this is that the plot is both the best and worst thing about this book. What I liked about it was that it was unique. It’s a brand new concept, unlike anything that I’ve read before. I was excited about this until I began reading The Archived, I was so confused. I wasn’t sure that the world building was working for me, but I figured I would understand at some point. I didn’t. I was confused the whole time. This is where the plot turns sour for me. There was just too much to it and the way that it was explained was too brief for me to grasp the full concept. I understood bits and pieces of the archives, the narrows, the outers, and all that stuff, but I didn’t really know how the worked. I wonder now if Mackenzie knew how it all worked herself? I’m not sure. I think there were parts that she was unsure about, so I felt a bit better about that.

Not only did the world-building not really work for me, but the characters weren’t clicking. I liked Mackenzie enough and I liked Wes. I was expecting some major romance there, but nothing big happened, which was kind of disappointing. It was even more disappointing when Mackenzie decided to start kissing the weirdest choice of love interest. I didn’t get that. WHY? It was just strange to me and it felt a bit forced, like it seemed as if it was the right choice for the book, but it really wasn’t. I’m not sure how to explain that.

There seemed to be a lot happening in The Archived, but really nothing much happened. It was pretty much the same things repeating themselves over and over. Mackenzie kept catching Histories, or whatever they were, and new ones popped up on her list so she did the same thing over again. I was so bored reading this. I wanted something, anything to happen. I just wasn’t satisfied with the story and where it went. There’s not much else I have to say, so I’ll keep it short. I got bored and confused. That was basically my experience with this book. While it sounded really interesting, it didn’t deliver.

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