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Review: Pulse


Pulse took me weeks to read, I just didn’t feel compelled to continue reading it because I wasn’t enjoying it much. I was bored and every time I opened the book and started reading I ended up falling asleep! I read most of it on the train on my way to school and work, because I figured it was the only way I could read it without knocking out. It wasn’t that the book was “unreadable”, but I just wasn’t connecting with the characters and the story. The story was just like every other dystopian/fantasy book out there. It wasn’t really original and I think that’s what had me sleeping.

The biggest problem that I had with this book was that the characters just weren’t developed enough. There were a few sentences about each character thrown in there and that was about all I knew about these people. I needed to know more to be able to connect with them and picture them in my head. Katie at The Polished Page Turner mentioned this, and I totally agree, there was too much build up. It led nowhere. I mean, stuff happened but I just wasn’t amazed by it. There was so much talk that I hoped that something would happen that would just blow my mind, but what happened was actually quite predictable and not that captivating.

Another issue was that I was really confused at the beginning of Pulse because I didn’t get the main character, Faith. What was her point? She made stupid, last minute decisions that had my head reeling.  Of course, what bugged me the most about her was her relationships with two of the male characters. Ugh. Love triangle, much? It didn’t work out in Pulse. At all.

This is basically what happened. Faith wanted a boyfriend. She started at a new school and instantly had the “hottest” guy interested in her. Of course. They went out for like a day and they were all over each other. The dude was convinced that he loved her. Um.. okay? Then he messed up and she ditched him. She finally noticed this dude’s friend (I think), who had been in the background of the story for a few pages and I knew nothing about. I didn’t even think he was going to be important. He seemed so irrelevant. Well, apparently he was going to be “the one”, you know, the love of her life or whatever. Queue the eye rolling.

There’s really no need for me to say this after that little paragraph, but the romance was awful. I didn’t even get what Faith was thinking. I just couldn’t put myself in her head and figure out WHY she did what she did. It was just weird. Faith just wasn’t my ideal main character. Oh, another issue… she was like the almighty super human. I don’t get why this happens. I really don’t. She was the most powerful person ever, she didn’t know it, the future of the world would depend all on her, and blah, blah, blah. It’s nothing I haven’t heard before. Why can’t books have normal, average people? What’s wrong with that?

I’ll stop the bashing now. I did like some things. Well, the last 2/3 of the book. I liked the fighting scenes, they were interesting and surprisingly entertaining. I really wanted Faith to die, by seeing as she’s the main character, that didn’t happen.

I also liked… um… I think I ran out of things that I liked. So that’s it. I’m not sure if I’ll read the sequel, because Pulse started getting slightly better towards the end, so I guess the sequel sounds a bit more promising. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll read it. I’m not too convinced. I had originally given this 2 stars, but that’s just being generous and I don’t feel like being generous right now, so 1 star it is.


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