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Review: Onyx

Onyx cover 1000 CORRECTEDI loved Obsidian so much that I just HAD to get the second and third book in the series. I was really excited to read Onyx until I read what this book was about. I wasn’t drawn to the synopsis of Onyx at all, merely the fact that it is the sequel of Obsidian. Otherwise, I don’t think I would have read it.

The story continues on pretty much where Obsidian left off. I was able to quickly get back into the story, without struggling to remember who these people were and what had happened in the first book. While I was intrigued with what was happening and it seemed like there was a lot going on, I was getting bored. Halfway through the Onyx I even considered stopping and moving on to another book. Everything was happening much too slow. It felt like such a long book and I couldn’t wait to get to the end of it. I ended up losing interest and I just wanted to finish it. There wasn’t anything that I hated in this book, I was just bored with it.

The only thing that kept me reading was that I was enjoying some of the characters. Daemon was much more likable in this book, he was more caring and showed a different side. He was less abrasive than in the first book. Katy, however, was a bit of a disappointment. She turned into a YA cliche with her whining and swooning over Daemon, while still denying that they had something going on.

I found myself rolling my eyes on multiple occasions because of Katy’s insistence that Daemon didn’t actually like her. She spent most of the book telling both herself and Daemon that he didn’t like her. How obvious could it have been that he was into her? I didn’t get why she kept insisting. Katy had no concrete evidence that the only reason he liked her was because of their alien connection. Despite Daemon telling her that he really liked her many, many times, she continued to doubt him.

Not only was that annoying, but there’s a love triangle in this book. Why? Just… why? Blake, the new guys, shows up mid semester and obviously takes a huge interest in Katy. Obviously. I wasn’t expecting any different. I figured Blake was in the book for some specific reason that I would probably learn about halfway through the book. I was right. I guess it was fine that he liked Katy, but she liked him too! I think. She wasn’t that sure about anything. So it felt to me like she was cheating on Daemon, though they weren’t really together. This just didn’t sit well with me. Pick one or the other, not both!

Needless to say, the love triangle was a huge annoyance. I wanted Blake to leave the story and never come back. Unfortunately, we might see more of him in the third book. I really liked Onyx as a whole, mainly because of Daemon and Katy. They were funny and I liked reading about them together, though Katy was frustrating. The plot was well planned out and everything fit together quite nicely, but it was not interesting enough to make me want to continue reading. Honestly, I’m surprised I finished this.

I also wanted to add that I was disappointed by the cover. I don’t like it. The girl does not at all look how I pictured Katy to look. This woman looks like she’s in her mid 20s. The dude also looks a lot older than Daemon is. I’m just not convinced. I know this is completely irrelevant to the story, but based on the cover alone I would have not picked up this book. This serious could do with a cover change.

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