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Review: Mind Games


Mind Games was one of those books that I didn’t care for to begin with. I wasn’t really sure what it was about and I wasn’t that excited to read it. I had bought the book already though, so I figured it was time to read it. I guess I was just not in the right set of mind to read this when I started it and so I’m not sure if my feelings towards the book were completely unrelated to how I felt about reading it.

There was just one thing that kept popping up and causing problems for me while I was reading Mind Games. Everything was pretty much underdeveloped. Nothing felt fully completed. The characters needed a bit more, more personality, more development. They didn’t stand out for me and were easily forgettable. They didn’t have anything special, anything that was unique to this book that made me care about them.

I wasn’t that fond of the main character, Sofia. Yes, I liked that she was “angry” (kind of), but her personality just wasn’t consistent. I didn’t understand her personality at all. I didn’t know what type of person she was and that bothered me. Her sister was another issue. I still don’t really understand what it was that the sister did, why she did whatever it was that Sofia was freaking out about, and again, what type of person she was! Was she nice, bad, evil, angry, happy? I don’t know.

The love interest confused me. I’m not even sure if there were two. The romance aspect of this story was definitely lacking. Sofia and James’ relationship was awkward and it seemed like he was just made up halfway through the book and just cut and pasted into random parts to add a romance. Like I said, it was awkward. The other dude, I don’t even know his name now. Oh, ADAM. He was pointless to me. I didn’t really get why he was in the story, he didn’t have as big of a part as first imagined he would have.

The plot was yet another confusing part of this book. It had so much potential. I loved the overall picture, if I looked at it from REALLY far away. However, while I was reading, everything just seemed like chunks and pieces “glued” together to make a book. So much more information was needed for me to connect with the world in this book and the “powers” that these girls had, which I still don’t really get.

I didn’t hate this book, but I couldn’t wait to be done with it. I was bored and I wanted to put Mind Games behind me and move on. Everything was half-done and felt uncompleted. I would love for this book to be revised and be made about 100 to 200 pages longer. Then, I think, I would actually enjoy it.

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