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Review: Chasers (Alone # 1)

chasers_james-phelan_bookI began Chasers unsure of what the book was about. Though I had quickly glimpsed the summary in the back, I wanted to be surprised. I can honestly say that I was. From the beginning this book had me hooked. I wanted to know the characters and what was going on around them.

James Phelan did an incredible job in writing this book, particularly with the great detail and careful attention given to each character. The characters were what made the book be as amazing as it was for me. Through the course of the book I felt close to the characters as I learned details about their personalities, who they were before, their likes and dislikes, and their reactions to their current situations.

Naturally, Chasers was not only about the characters, but also about what was happening in the book. Here’s a quick summary: The main character, Jesse, finds himself alone with his friends in a desolate New York. They soon find that a virus has turned the remaining humans into horrible “chasers”, and they must now find a way to survive. The plot sounds very similar to every other post-apocalyptic story, I mean there’s only so many ways that you can do this. The real thrill in this type of story is how the author creates the world and what goes on there.

I’ll begin with the chasers. The chasers were unlike anything I had ever read about before, they were their own type of “monsters”. Their behavior and what they craved was unique to the story. The next key part thing aside from the “monsters” is how the characters are going to survive. I found this part of Chasers to be the most exciting, because it was the most realistic. I could have definitely pictured myself doing what they did in order to survive. Or at least my own version of that. Jesse and his friends kept me engrossed with all of the interesting things that they did and found while hiding out from the chasers.

The most important part of this book was its ending. This was, without a doubt, an outstanding ending to a great book. However, I want to make it clear that in the end not everything was explained and I still had so many questions that I’m sure will be answered in the next two books in the series. This was not at all disappointing to me, because it makes me that much more interested in what’s going to happen next. I am actually so upset that I don’t have the next books in the Alone series and that they won’t be released in the US yet. Overall, Chasers was a great book, I highly recommend it for anyone that likes post-apocalyptic novels. This is one of the best!

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